About Us

Who we are?

Made in Madeira is a business project that aims to promote and sell all over the world the products that Madeira and Madeirans do so well. Our articles are different in their timeless versatility and are widely adaptable to the most modern tastes, even in aesthetic and quality terms. We intend to modernize without compromising the wealth, charm and identity of our Tradition and customs. Our premise is to combine originality with innovation in a perfect symbiosis.

Enjoy your “Made in Madeira” products knowing you are valuing the work of our Madeiran artisans and helping the planet!

How we make our products

Wicker harvesting

Wicker rods are taken from an osier willow commonly known as “Vimeiro”. Once harvested, the stick is boiled, peeled, and dried in the sun for two to three days making it easier to manage.

Weaving process

Through the weaving technique our artisans create wicker pieces with different patterns making each product unique.

Final product

Finally, wicker is combined with materials such as fabric and silver, designing products adapted to the most various modern tastes.